Professionally completed wiring work guarantee efficient and safe operation of any industrial facility. They include the power supply system, as well as performing various kinds of repair, installation, commissioning on power and lighting circuits.

The technological scheme for the performance of wiring is provided by means of two stages. The first one includes a set of preparatory operations carried out both directly at the installation site and outside it, in specialized workshops where production and assembly of individual components of larger units, such as pipe, bus, earthing, cable lines, electrical wiring, etc. is performed. At the installation site, during preparatory stage the cable routs, location of equipment, switchgear installation are marked, and the sleeves in the places where cable passes through the building structure, are laid.

The second stage of electrical work is performed after completion of construction and finishing works in electrical engineering premises – machine halls, transformer chambers, control stations, switchboards, etc. This stage involves accomplishment of wiring work directly at the facility. The readymade elements of the wiring are laid on pre-marked and prepared routs, electrical equipment and control devices are mounted on the prepared places, connected to devices, apparatus and to equipment of the power supply networks.

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The company “KVANT ELEKTRO KR” offers industrial enterprises of the city, region and all Ukraine a full range of electrical work – from design and preparatory operation to direct installation at the facility, connecting equipment and and preparing it for operation. Our specialists received specific training and obtained a degree and permit to perform electrical work at a high altitude using the necessary rigging equipment. We install busbars and switchgears, power main circuit devices, we manufacture flexible current conductors, cabinets and control panels. Specialists of our company quickly install protection devices, as well as lighting, designed for operation in conditions of increased danger. Even in the most difficult conditions of work we guarantee the highest quality.

Our company has well equipped workshops for high quality assembling of enlarged blocks and preparation of equipment for installation. During commissioning, qualified specialists adjust electric drives of any capacity and complexity, even the most complicated ones. We provide services for adjustment of electrical contact circuits, cascade connection of units, dispatching systems, as well as automation control. To increase the industrialization of electrical installation works, modern technologies and methods of complex mechanization are being widely introduced, which makes possible to reduce the cost of installation and shorten the terms. The company “KVANT ELEKTRO KR” has a serious material base and qualified specialists for successful execution of the most complex wiring works. We perform electrical network design, and on completion of the set of commissioning works we provide the customer with all the necessary reporting documents. While performing the work, the rules of industrial safety and regulatory requirements are strictly observed.