Repair of Buildings and Structures

Repair of Buildings and Structures
Buildings and constructions of industrial enterprises are exploited in very specific conditions, being exposed to aggressive effects of dust, and often to all possible kinds of chemicals, therefore a special approach to their maintenance is required. As a rule, maintenance must be carried out without a complete stoppage of production and, in case of reconstruction, technological process is allowed to be interrupted only for the shortest possible period of time, therefore it is very important to carefully plan all the repair work stages in order to implement them in the shortest possible deadlines as well as to avoid excessive consumption of materials and down timing of expensive equipment.

That is our professional approach to the accomplishment of the assigned tasks carried out by the company “KVANT ELEKTRO KR”. We specialize in performing repair and construction works 0f any complexity and have extensive experience of successful work with many mining and processing enterprises, large producing and metallurgical enterprises in Kryvyi Rih and throughout Ukraine. We have a carefully selected team of highly qualified specialists who perfectly master the most advanced technologies. At their disposal there is the most modern construction and lifting equipment, as well as the extensive fleet of vehicles for prompt delivery of all the required building materials to the site, powerful bulldozers and excavators, forklifts, concrete pumps, towers and a lot more.

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High professional level allows us to perform any type of work during reconstruction, capital repair or maintenance of industrial facilities, taking into account their peculiarity, limitations and special requirements, when carrying out repair or construction work in conditions of increased fire and explosion hazard. Our specialists follow up the requirements of technological documentation and current standards, which guarantees high quality, minimal consumption of materials and energy resources, and also avoids injuries while working in the most difficult conditions. A professional approach to repair gives an opportunity to meet deadlines and to minimize capital costs of the customer without any negative impact on quality.

We offer services for the repair or reconstruction of buildings and constructions of industrial enterprises, including those with a continuous technological cycle related to the expansion of production output, technical retrofitting, reshaping of industrial, auxiliary and administrative buildings, as well as their maintenance, wear removal of building structures. Our specialists correctly plan the internal space for the optimal arrangement of equipment, promptly eliminate all defects in the bearing and covering constructions, identified during the examination, and, if necessary, perform their reinforcement, replace the worn out engineering communications, and repair the road surface of the driveways.

For repair of the buildings we use the most cutting edge materials – light and durable, with improved production parameters and aesthetic characteristics. High quality repair using modern technologies, allows to make any facility more functional, improve working conditions, and raise the level of safety to meet the requirements of European and international standards.