Concrete Works

Buildings and constructions of industrial enterprises are exploited in very specific conditions, being exposed to aggressive effects of dust, and often of all kinds of chemicals, so a special approach is required for their repair. As a rule, maintenance must be carried out without a complete stoppage of production, and in case of reconstruction, the technological process is allowed to be interrupted only for the shortest possible period of time, therefore it is very important to carefully plan all the repair work stages in order to implement them in the shortest possible time, as well as to eliminate overrun of materials and useless stoppage of expensive equipment.

Our company has many years of experience in repair and construction works at industrial facilities. Among our regular customers there are the largest mining and processing enterprises, metallurgical plants, metalworking and manufacturing enterprises of our city, Dnepropetrovsk region and other regions of Ukraine. For successful implementation of designs of any complexity, we have assembled a friendly team of professionals, who are experts in their business. High degree of their qualification together with an excellent material base guarantee that monolith - concrete works will be executed qualitatively and accurately within the agreed time. Truck cranes and lifts, concrete pumps, welding units, specialized equipment for laying and vibrocompression of concrete mixture – our fleet of vehicles is fully equipped for efficient performance of various types of construction works at industrial facilities.

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Concrete work is carried out on the basis of technological maps in strict accordance with regulatory requirements and safety rules. We take into account all the specific conditions of work on industrial sites and the established limitations.


  • Preparatory. It includes planning excavations, excavation of trenches and pits for foundations, installation of break – stone foundations for concrete floors, etc.
  • Installation of formwork. Performed manually or with the help of lifting equipment, the accuracy of installation is controlled by means of measuring devices.
  • Mounting of reinforcing bars. Preliminarily welded according to the drawings frames are placed in the design position by the crane and connected with each other by a blinding wire.
  • Reception and laying of concrete mixture. Concrete is delivered to the site from the solution nodes by specialized vehicles, then it is delivered to the destination with the help of buckets or concrete pump. For leveled distribution of concrete on the formwork and its compression we use vibration with the help of technical vibrators – both hypogene and surface.
  • Curing. After completion of laying, monolithic concrete can undergo ageing for a certain period of time in order to possess the required firmness. It is necessary to maintain the specified temperature and humidity regime. In hot weather, freshly poured concrete is periodically watered and sprinkled with raw sawdust, and in severe frosts, it is necessary to provide the heating of concrete during the strength – setting period.

Stripping. The dismantling of the formwork is performed when construction has acquired at least 25% of design strength and is the final stage of the concreting process.