According to previously arranged repair schedule, a two stage steel melting unit No.6 (DSPA No.6) of the open hearth furnace shop was stopped in the PJSC “Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih”.

Due to the prolongation of operation terms of the EAF No.6 to the downstream regime, the company developed a number of compensatory operations, which have been implemented since the beginning of 2017. In order to minimize unorganized emission, they took a decision to switch the unit to a continuous operating mode. All works are planned to be performed within two scheduled repairs, for their completion PJSC “Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih” additionally invested 72mlnUAH.

The implementation of the project for the transfer of EAF No.6 to the uniflow mode presupposes two stages, the first phase was started on April 3, 2017 and the second phase is planned for September – November 2017. Contracts have already been signed with contractors, and 300 contractors will be involved into the project to work daily.

In April 2017, during the repair of EAF No.6, the following works will be performed:

  1. Repair of metal structures of the right and left baths, ( a set of works of the upper and lower structure of the furnace, slag removal, crane constructions);
  2. Repair of the right and left baths(a set of works of the upper and lower furnace , flaps, mechanical slag tilters)
  3. Replacement of high and low pressure pipelines, stop valves, waret elements and evaporating cooling system of the furnace, compressed air of the right and left bath;
  4. Repair of gas cleaning equipment of EAF No.6, supercharges, gas valves, sector valves, slurry plumps, throttle valves, Venturi pipes and scrubbers;
  5. Replacement of the main furnace lining, vertical channels, left and right baths;
  6. Work on transferring the furnace direct – flow gas firing mode (the first stage).

PJSC «Arcelormittal Kryvyi Rih»is maximally open to public attention regarding environmental issues, therefore there will be organized a visit of the representatives of local authorities, of environmental deputy commission, as well as public organizations and mass media during the repair period in April 2017.